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Ragdoll Kitten Colors

Ragdolls are born white.  At 2- 4 weeks or so of age, their colors start to come in and we can guess adult color. Ragdolls full color really comes in as they are mature at 2-4 years of age. 

Ragdolls are a pointed breed. That means the body is lighter in color than the points, which are the legs, face, ears, and tail.  They also have blue eyes.



The body of the seal point is even fawn or cream, lighter in the belly area and chest. Points should be a deep seal brown.



The body of the blue point is even grey- blue tone shading into deeper tones for the points on legs and face.  Belly and chest is lighter in color. Paw and nose color is dark blue-grey.


Ivory colored body. Shading in the points are a warm chocolate color. Paws and nose leather are pink.


The body is an even white-cream. The points darken slightly to be lilac grey or pinkish colored.  Pads are pink and nose had a lilac hue.


Creamy white body with red-orange  points. Pads and paws are pink.


Pale cream to deep cream with points slightly darker. Nose and paws are pink.


BI-COLOR:Coveted pattern in the cat show- upside down white V on the face. White legs and belly.

MITTED: All four feet have mittens, the hind one higher than the fore feet. Chins must be white for showing as well as the belly. Mitted kittens may sometimes have a  blaze.

LYNX: Tabby markings or stripes in the point color over the color and coat pattern.


TORTIE:  The combination of black and orange patches.

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