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*A must read if you plan to purchase a kitten here.*

  Here at Rockin'Ragdolls, we strive to raise healthy, happy, social kittens according to the breed standards at the TICA registry. Our kittens will be registered at TICA as well.

*All parents of the kitten's we raise have been tested for all Ragdoll cat genetic diseases and are clear.  We offer a full one year money back guarantee for the death of your kitten FROM THE DAY OF PURCHASE against congenital defects, which includes HCM, a disease of the heart that can happen in Ragdolls. This is a death guarantee for hereditary diseases, non viral and non bacterial, and must be proven on a written statement from a licensed veterinarian. We do not give any refunds for shipping or vet bills accrued in your care.

*We will help in any way we can through out the life of your kitten. If you can no longer care for the cat you purchase from us, please contact us and we will try to assist you in any way possible.


*All of our kittens go home at 10- 12 weeks of age, depending on their health and welfare.

*Kittens are sold in a first come, first serve basis, unless there is a show standard kitten, then he/she will stay here or be sold on an individual basis.  Kittens are sold/chosen in the order of deposits. Pictures of kittens are posted at 4-6 weeks of age and they can be chosen at that point.

*Kittens sold should have a wellness check within the first 72 hours by your licensed veterinarian, to insure you that they are healthy.  We are not responsible for any vet bills purchaser may accrue after purchase.  We are not responsible for any shipping costs. 

*We do not sell breeder kittens, unless there is a special reason, just ask if you're looking for one!  

* Kittens are registered at TICA.

*NEW: According to our vet, kittens should be at least  3-4 lbs at time of spay/neuter. Therefore, we have chosen to give our clients the option of taking your kitten home at 10 weeks and using your vet to alter at 4-6 month.  I am willing to have it done at my vets for an extra $200.  

*Kittens that we sell will be up to date in vaccinations and dewormings.

*The kittens we sell must not be declawed and must remain indoors.

*A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 is required to hold a kitten until he/she is ready to leave.  Full payment is due at time of departure, if you are paying cash, which is preferred.  The deposits can be transferred to another litter within 6 months time.

*A kitten care package includes: TICA application papers,  health check from vet, microchip if desired, dewormings, a bag of food, and all age appropriate vaccinations are included with the kitten. 

*We ship from Spokane, WA for USA customers.

*Delivery available from me, depending on our schedule and where you live.

*We are members at TICA and follow their code of ethics.


*Cost of non-refundable deposit: $250, required to hold a kitten

*Cost of kittens: starts at $1250.00  (male or female) We will price kittens when we post pictures at 6 weeks of age.

*Cost of shipping: You may fly to Spokane, WA and I will meet you at airport with your new kitten.  We have some good nannies who can fly the kitten in cabin for $650 and up. Delivery from me depends on the situation.  Also, now offering car delivery services, price depends on your location... as well as a cargo option for $350.


Paypal links:

send money to

The easiest thing for me is to have you send the reservation fee  VIA FRIENDS AND FAMILY at our email address in PayPal and if you send money from your bank account, no fee is charged.  For final kitten payment, cash is recommended.

The link below is PayPal

Zelle is also available......208-627-7101 or 208-627-7131 

Reservation fee, $260.00
 $10.00 PayPal fee.
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